Przekrój Projects

The Przekrój Foundation supports a variety of projects that engage the public in thoughtful and meaningful ways. From mounting ambitious, large-scale art installations and festivals, to sponsoring comedy shows, exhibitions, and film screenings, we hope to spread joy and build community—and inspire others to do the same.

Our Projects

Baby You Milwaukee

Presented by the Przekrój Foundation
and Make Music Day

June 21, 2024
Veterans Park, Milwaukee, WI

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The Whale

On the morning of December 8, 2017, Warsaw residents on their way to work and school simply couldn’t believe their eyes. They were awestruck by what they saw on a sandy Vistula riverbank, just by the Poniatowski Bridge in the city center.

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The LABA Festival

Since 2018, the PRZEKRÓJ Foundation has been organizing LABA, the Festival of Free Time in the magical Jazdów Settlement, Warsaw’s greenest neighborhood. The lineup is composed of our greatest pleasures: slow life, deep breaths, great connections, lots of tasty nourishing food and of course, our dogs!

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