Our mission is to inspire positive change in individuals and communities.

The PRZEKRÓJ Foundation (pronounced ‘p-SHEH-crooy’) was established in 2018 on the initiative of Tomek Niewiadomski. The foundation grew out of Poland’s oldest magazine about society and culture, also named Przekrój. Today, we are a modern, holistic center helping readers foster a steadily growing, fuller, more conscious relationship with themselves and the world around them.

We build spaces that encourage concentration and build community. We offer you time to think and reasons for joy. We help you pause for breath, feel your own rhythm, and continue on your way with attention and sensitivity to yourself and others. We inspire you to engage your talent, knowledge, and imagination to create a more inclusive, balanced, and beautiful world—the kind we all want to inhabit.

And since the best companion to sublime thoughts is simplicity, at the PRZEKRÓJ Foundation, we focus on the basic and essential. The core of our interest is a close and respectful relationship with nature, the elements, and natural abundance. We focus on healthy and organically grown food, good breathing, life-giving physical activity, the wisdom of plants, mental equilibrium, respect, gratitude, and joy. Almost everything we need to build a good life we can find within ourselves. We try to see this potential, understand it, nurture it, and develop it.

Furthermore, we believe a comprehensive knowledge that encompasses culture, literature, music, and history from around the world is paramount to personal growth. That is why we collaborate with a diverse stable of distinguished experts, practitioners, and artists from various cultures and philosophies. We relate their experiences, wisdom, and stories lightly, with attention to form and a love for detail. In this way, we reflect how nature and art strive for beauty in the tiniest details and in cosmic complexity.

With this foundation in place, we help you broaden your horizons and put what you have learned into practice. The knowledge we share helps you see your agency; it becomes an impetus to recognize your influence on the world. We want to move you, to trigger emotions that spark development. We want you to learn and enjoy the vast extent of what is still undiscovered and know it is never too late to be awestruck or illuminated.

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The PRZEKRÓJ Foundation actively participates in the transformation of modern life, supporting the cultivation of a conscious relationship between ourselves and the world. We help you take a breath and feel your own rhythm to pursue a path of thoughtfulness and attention toward yourself and others.

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